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It's a good concept and it's surprisingly addictive, but it needs improvement (I know this is a beta version).

Some suggestions:
Interface could be optimized better (status menu should be able to open on same page).
Why does screen need to fade when healing?
Let us choose which weapon to swap instead of restricting to main/side arm.
Let us turn SFX on/off. I got tired of hearing the button presses and just muted my tab.
(Also, the heartbeat SFX takes a while to stop even after I'm fully healed).
Let us to return to Bookkeeper when needed.
Give us more options to buy/sell (like weapons & ammo)
Maybe a randomized map system so we can choose where we want to go, regardless of location.

Also, I played through this several times. The longest I lasted was 10 days, but I didn't finish the request. Was this implemented?

FernandoSegedi responds:

Thanks for the feedback.

The fade is there to slow down the tempo of the game a bit, and also its there to present that a bit of time has passed.

The weapon restrictions are there manly there because of UI restrictions, I wanted the player to have all the information they need infront of them when they make a choice. 3 weapons where simply to much information to show. so I restricted it to mainarm and sidearm (playing on the fantasy of what a solider would have).

Yeah the sound I can understand, is there any specific sounds that where annoying to listen to?

The idea is that when you enter the wasteland, you dont really know where you are, since everything looks the same, and the heat is messing with your mind and than you simply get lost. also I want to place the player in a desperate situation, returning to the bunker would make things to easy, since you will have a safe zone.

I agree more options to buy and sell stuff would be great, at the moment the shop is very light, but that will come in the future.

I understand the thing related to choosing where you can go, but I wanted the player to get lost in the waste and when they reach the bunker they get so happy, because the desert is killing them.

Yes the Quest are implemented, all quest items can be found in the game, other are easier to find than others.

The game is tuff and risky when you play it. I'm just working on balancing it for now, but the risk will still be there. if you just got out of the bunker and meet a big ape, I would propose to run..

Again thanks for your feedback I highly appreciate it . Any other feedback is welcomed

Short, simple, nostalgic. Still fun.

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All this really shows is that you can apply effects to your voice. I think people would appreciate a larger sample of characters in your normal speaking voice. In addition, I couldn't hear what you were saying over the music.

BenColligan responds:

I am planning to post another VERY soon so tuned! :D

- Ben.

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